Alpine3D  Alpine3D-3.2.0

This module computes the preferential deposition and redistribution of snow by the wind (see Snowdrift). It is enabled using the "--enable-drift" command line option. The 3D wind fields are read using a GRID3D MeteoIO plugin such as ARPS:

GRID3DPATH = ../input/wind_fields/

The WINDFIELDS key must be defined in the [Input] section and contains a space delimited list of wind fields files (here within GRID3DPATH) and associated number of time steps:

WINDFIELDS = sw3.asc 1 nw3.asc 3 ww0.asc 2 nw9.asc 5 nw6.asc 10 ww0.asc 5 sw3.asc 6 nw3.asc 1