Alpine3D 20240419.cd14b8b

Alpine3D writes four types of outputs:

  • grids, that is the distributed value of a given parameter (see gridded outputs);
  • .met and .pro for points of interests. These are the standard SNOWPACK outputs and can be written out for any number of points (see POI outputs);
  • sno files, that is the status of each pixel in respect with snow information. These files are necessary in order to restart Alpine3D from a previous point (see restarts and reading snow files);
  • subcatchments runoff sums. One file per subcatchment is generated and contains the sums of all runoff components at an hourly resolution as well as some other relevant catchment parameters (such as mean air temperature, etc). The runoff is discriminated between precipitation, glacier melt and snow melt as well as global sum (see Runoff sums).

The grid files are written in any format supported by MeteoIO, as configured by the user. This means that it is for example possible to directly write PNG files from Alpine3D. The sno files as well as .met and .pro are written according to the SNOWPACK standalone model documentation.